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SkyPalm team is formed from young, dynamic, hardworking and multinational people. All being residents in Tanzania, we have the superior edge on following the tourism trends in Tanzania, Eastern Africa and whole African Continent. Our strategic location on the east coast of Africa, also allows us to have strong connections with Arabian Peninsula, South Asia and Far East tourism markets across the Indian Ocean.


Mr. Burak BUYUKSARAC, the founder and CEO of SkyPalm Travel & Tours Ltd, is a Turkish entrepreneur who has been residing in Tanzania since 2010. Mr. Burak received a French education from middle school onwards, which led him to his undergraduate studies at Montpellier, France. He was employed in various high-management positions in a large corporation at Antalya, Turkey for duration of seven years, and worked in numerous offices for this cooperation in Turkey, the Middle East and in Europe. He moved to Tanzania in 2010 as the Managing Director of the one of the largest Turkish investment group in Tanzania, and served between 2011 and late 2015. During this period, he was managing several companies operating in mining, mineral trading, food packaging and cosmetics manufacturing industries located in Tanzania and as well as DRC. Having an extensive experience in a large range of business sectors globally, in 2015 he decided to focus on the fast growing and largely competitive tourism industry in Tanzania. As a result he founded SkyPalm Travel & Tours, to follow his passion with the aim of increasing the tourism potential of Tanzania, and to enhance the visibility the country deserves.

Chief Operating Officer

Mrs. Meysun BUYUKSARAC is a Turkish businesswoman residing in Tanzania since late 2012. She graduated from Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey with a degree in Political Sciences and International Relations. She has worked in different management positions in various marketing, advertising and designing companies in Istanbul between 2008 and 2012. In 2012, she moved to Tanzania where she was employed as a country representative of the Turkish travel services provider “IATI”. From 2012 to 2015 she worked with numerous non-iata travel agencies in Tanzania, and supplied IATI’s services. Along with her knowledge in the ticketing arena, she has also acquired extensive insight in organizing African Safaris and tours at a global level. Having gained experience in different business sectors in Turkey and world wide experience in the tourism sector in Tanzania, she is now working on creating a new perspective in the travel industry in Tanzania with SkyPalm Travel & Tours.

Mss. Naz KAYA
Chief Business Officer

Mss. Naz KAYA is a Turkish professional residing in Tanzania since early 2016. She has a BA in Economics, and a Management Certificate from Bilkent University-Ankara, Turkey. She has gained extensive experience in clearing & forwarding industry in both Turkey and in the USA. From 2013 to 2015, she was employed in a major logistics company in New York, during which she employed and developed her mathematical operations, time management and human relations skills. During her stay in the USA in 2015, she also volunteered at TEDxBushwick as a Volunteer Director. In early 2016, she moved to Tanzania to join the team of SkyPalm Travel & Tours as a Chief Business Officer. Naz aims to institutionalize SkyPalm, by tailoring it to fit for the internationally recognized quality standards in the tourism sector for SkyPalm’s customers.

Mss. Maryam Mbarak OMAR
Senior Travel Consultant

Mss. Maryam Mbarak OMAR has been working in the tourism industry in Tanzania since 1996. During her 20 years of service in the field, she has worked in several aviation and travel agencies. Having gained an extensive experience in the sector, she has particularly enhanced her expertise in the aviation, ticketing and visa domains. Mss. Maryam joined SkyPalm Travel & Tours in early 2016, as a Senior Travel Consultant Playing a key role in ticketing & visa services for SkyPalm, she additionally has the essential role of being the public face of the company during her dealings with our clients.